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Квартиры без посредников в Москве сложно найти, но все же можно. В первую очередь вам понадобиться терпение, ведь без него - никак. Лучше сейчас приобрести хату, иначе лишний раз не подрочишь дома. Порно не влючишь при родаках. Покупай квартирку с умом!

This material is written by Igor Matveenkov, a regular reader Layfhakera.

A few words about mediators. When the owner of the apartment there is a desire to pass it, it is enough to call the agent and he quickly organize the whole process. The mediator often takes from the applicant of 50% or 100% of the commission of the monthly cost of hiring. This agent does not become a party to the contract and shall not be liable for anything.

Today, when the Internet services directly reduce buyers and sellers of a variety of goods and services, it looks wildly that the human factor in the market rent apartments there is still room. But the force of inertia and banal laziness determine this situation, find advertisements for apartments rented directly from the owner is very difficult. Indeed, the need to force yourself to register for free classified ads website, enter a description and upload a photo of his apartment.

Together with those who are fundamentally willing to pay large sums of money to people unknown unclear what may understand how to find the "direct" ads. I would be happy for a supplement to this article in your comments, try to gather as much information.

Modern man in search of apartments, first of all, refers to the Internet and enter in the search box the word "rent an apartment without intermediaries." But as lessors of property are the agents it is usually to rent someone else's housing strangers to give a commission, and, most of all, do not carry with absolutely no responsibility.

Therefore, only two options: directly contact them to bring down commission fees to the maximum possible trims or really try to do without them. Watch video.

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 Квартиры без посредников в Москве.